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Learning to Respect Yourself While Healing From Addiction

Learning to Respect Yourself While Healing From Addiction

When you struggle with addiction and mental health challenges, it is common to internalize the challenges you have had. This includes the stigmas that surround addiction and mental health. However, when you learn to respect yourself in treatment, you can take your life back and improve your recovery process. Treatment for addiction at New Creation Recovery helps you to understand the stigmas that you have internalized, take responsibility for yourself and your life, and take your first steps toward a balanced recovery. While the road to healing is not easy, you can heal from addiction and improve your life and well-being.

Addiction Stigmas

While it has decreased, there is still a significant stigma associated with addiction. The assumptions and judgments surrounding addiction are a combination of relating to the type of person who struggles with addiction and the reason why addiction occurs. It is often thought that a person struggling with addiction doesn’t live a normal life. However, anyone can develop an addiction, and if you are uncertain if you are struggling with addiction, you can speak with a staff member at New Creation Recovery today. 

Many stigmas regarding addiction come from the assumption that addiction is due to a lack of willpower. This assumption leads individuals to think that addiction is a choice. However, when you develop an addiction, your brain changes. Therefore, while you can choose to get help, professional support and care are needed to truly recover. 

When you live with addiction, the stigmas that surround it impact you – both consciously and subconsciously. Commonly, the judgments surrounding addiction can make you feel as though you are less valuable, causing you to lose respect for yourself. 

Learning to Respect Yourself

As a result, it is important to learn to respect yourself again. However, this is not a simple matter and can feel like an impossible feat. Fortunately, there are effective ways that can help you learn to respect yourself again. It begins with understanding what self-respect means. 

The foundation of self-respect is self-esteem. Self-esteem is how you view yourself and see your value. When you are learning to respect yourself, it takes time to dig deep and understand where you see yourself as flawed. Only then can you begin to repair your self-image and feel that you are valuable and important. 

In treatment at New Creation Recovery, you get the support and care that you need. This includes multiple different types of therapy that are available. By working with a therapist, you have the opportunity to dig deep into your own beliefs. With support, you learn to view yourself, your challenges with addiction, and your future all in a new light. 

The Importance of Learning to Respect Yourself

Learning to respect yourself is not simple, but it is possible. In addition, it is incredibly important in improving your well-being and supporting your recovery. When you learn to respect yourself, you can more easily take responsibility for your recovery, identify values that help you stay on track, and build healthy relationships in your life. 

Taking Responsibility

Addiction is a disease. While your recovery benefits from support from others, it also requires that you take responsibility for your recovery. However, when you struggle with self-respect, it is challenging to do so. It can feel like if you take responsibility, you are dooming yourself to being someone less valuable. 

However, it is the opposite. By taking responsibility, you are respecting yourself for where you are in your overall journey. When you improve your self-respect, you can take responsibility without feeling inferior as a person struggling with addiction. This helps you take the steps that you need in order to improve your recovery and help yourself heal. 

Identifying Your Values

Lacking self-respect often means lacking the sense that your values are important. While your values are unique, they are not less important than anyone else’s. As you begin to understand where your lack of self-respect comes from, you also begin to see how you have devalued things that are genuinely important in your life. 

Identifying your values helps you to improve your well-being and feel good in your daily life. When you are in recovery from addiction, it also helps you to stay on track. Identifying your values gives you a clear picture of why you are making changes in your life and provides a compass for times when you are uncertain about the road ahead. 

Healthy Relationships

Having positive relationships in your life helps your mental health and recovery. However, when you lack respect for yourself, you may not believe that you deserve them. This inhibits your ability to actively participate in relationships and build healthy bonds. Fortunately, as you improve your self-respect, you also help yourself to build and maintain better relationships in your life. 

There is a significant stigma surrounding addiction, and it is common to internalize it. However, when you do so, you also impact how you view yourself, including your self-respect. At New Creation Recovery, we understand that part of healing from addiction is changing the way you view yourself. Therefore, we offer an integrative treatment process that helps you to heal as a whole person, including improving your self-respect. As a result, we can help you build the skills you need to heal from addiction and improve your overall well-being. If you are interested in learning more about our treatment options and how we can help you heal from addiction, call us today at (877) 868-5730.