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Miracles and Morals: Christians in Alcohol Rehab

Christians in alcohol rehab understand that mistakes are made in life, and there are particular mistakes commonly made by alcoholics while under the influence of the drug. That said, alcoholism itself is not a mistake but a disease which unfortunately afflicts far too many people in today’s society. Christian alcohol rehab centers, in turn, a confirmation that there is no affliction on Earth which God can’t cure.

Christians in Alcohol Rehab Understand Faith and Personal Responsibility

A common mistake made by newly recovering alcoholics is to not fully understand the relationship between faith and personal responsibility. God’s forgiveness is freely given and all encompassing, but it takes personal responsibility to accept such a wonderful gift of love and incorporate it into daily life. Part of any recovery program is going to be to explain such a concept to the addict, and therefore Christian alcohol rehab programs are exceptionally well suited for building the necessary tools for sustained long-term recovery. This applies to drug addiction as well.

Let Go and Let God

The phrase, “Let go and Let God” does not imply the addict can forego proven recovery methods while placing all the hard work which goes into remaining sober on the will of God. Rather, the addict has to personally work the program while recognizing the role God’s subtle guidance provides toward continued success. There are going to be days when sobriety seems nearly impossible to maintain, and those are the days when the patient utilizes the tools taught by Christian alcohol rehab centers to avoid the temptation of taking the first drink or fighting heroin addiction. The addict will feel alone at such times, but after the crisis has been averted reflection will prove how God’s help was there in support of the addict’s resolve to remain sober.

Understanding God’s Role in Your Life

During active addiction, very few people are aware of God’s role in their life, although it was very much there. The proof of such a statement is the simple fact of how the addict came to find the Christian-based recovery program. With sobriety comes a deeper understanding of God’s role in the individual lives of addicts, and faith grows stronger over time as that role is tangibly proven over and over again.

Defining Your Relationship with Jesus

Jesus was a man who lived in Judah during ancient times and was also God’s son who suffered and died on behalf of human sin, assuring passage into heaven through salvation. For the alcoholic who has felt separated from Jesus during the active phase of addiction, the idea of developing a personal relationship with such an amazing gift as Jesus can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. Two thousand years ago Jesus cured the sick and he is equally willing to help people in today’s age who suffer from the disease of alcoholism or side effects of Xanax and other substances.

Ongoing Christian Support in Sobriety

it is important to remember God’s love knows no boundaries, and it certainly does not end after the immediate treatment of detox and alcohol rehab. The church is not in and of itself a treatment program, but by helping the members maintain a relationship with God the church does provide the ongoing resources which help the addict maintain recovery. In general terms, a church is a safe place for people who suffer addiction because as Jesus taught, the church provides forgiveness to those who will accept it, and church functions are alcohol and drug-free. The congregation may be suspicious at first, but the recovering addict is going to see that happen throughout all of society while in the early stages of recovery. The addict can trust that with some time and sustained track record of remaining sober, people in general and especially Christians are going to offer for any past actions which were the result of the disease.

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