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How Treating Your Mind and Spirit Can Help in Recovery

Treating mind and spirit when it comes to speaking about recovery from substance abuse, and treatment for mental disorders, religion and spirituality might not be one of the first healing approaches that come to mind.  However, when dealing with addiction it is important to treat the mind, body, and soul in order to fully have the best chance at recovery.  Movies and television programs often represent rehab in the group setting, while the moderator is talking about a “high power” especially when it is depicting an alcoholics anonymous meeting.

In order to address the spiritual need of addiction victims, many rehabilitation centers offer Christian recovery programs, which might utilize Christian philosophies such as daily prayer and meditation in order to help restore a connection with God on a spiritual and emotional level for treating mind and spirit.  Some Christian recovery programs might include daily prayer, bible readings, and attending services.  Many Christian rehab centers will also include ordained staff members, who would serve as a supportive force, who would work to provide a sense of community and inclusion for their patients.  They would also encourage patients to attended services, and partake in twelve step meetings.  The overall goal of these Christian rehab programs is to help build a community, which would, in turn, promote a sense of belonging as well as a sense of purpose.

Why Are Christian Recovery Programs the Right Choice for Treating Mind and Spirit

Many people who are in the process of facing a drug and/or alcohol addiction will tend to also seek out spiritual support while undergoing their own road to recovery.  There are a vast number of Christian rehab programs that can assist those with applying aspects of treating mind and spirit into their own recovery.  In many circumstances, Christian recovery programs have been proven to be just as effective as standard treatment procedures, just as long as they still follow standard treatment models.

The thought of undergoing the road to recovery can be extremely stressful for some, if not all people who are suffering from some type of addiction.  Just thinking about having to endure a detox program, or going through withdrawal symptoms can cause a lot of people who are struggling with their addiction to put off obtaining the help that they need.  According to a national survey on drug use and health conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about one percent of the estimated 21 million plus individuals who needed substance abuse treatment received the specialty treatment that was needed for their own recovery.  This number could be linked to the general fear and anxiety that comes along with undergoing recovery from substance abuse.

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