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Elderly Addiction Treatment

Elderly addiction treatment says no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to have a fresh beginning. You can start over by pulling yourself together and finally getting over that addiction that has kept you from moving on for some time. We at New Creation Treatment for women’s recovery can help you to once again enjoy life in your golden years through the specialized elderly treatment program at our drug rehab centers.

Are There Really Elderly People Who Need Rehab?

Often, when people talk of addiction or substance dependence, they think of teenagers or young adults. However, this problem is also present among senior citizens.

Many of today’s elderly belong to the baby boomer generation – that is, they were born sometime between 1946 and 1964. This means that they grew up at a time when there were a lot of drug experimentation and friends drank freely and openly. Now, as they advance in years, many are struggling with alcohol abuse. Also, as they age, they are likely to start taking prescription medications and could become dependent on these drugs.

One of the reasons why it’s difficult to determine if an older person is having problems with addiction is that they are often isolated. Many of them live alone, and they may have less social activities if their friends are no longer able to move around as much. Also, if they no longer work and are not engaged in other social activities, then they may be taken to the bottle for comfort.

Moreover, many people think that older people should be indulged if they want to drink. Worse, loved ones or friends may mistake the symptoms of addiction to simple signs of aging.

The thing is, it can be difficult for an elderly person to fight against any form of addiction by themselves, so it’s best to seek help from those who specialize in this niche.

Why Do the Aged Need Specialized Elderly Addiction Treatment?

Often, elderly people start taking alcohol or medications to reduce the pain or distress that they are feeling. They may also do it due to some emotional struggle, such as the death of a family member or friend, or a change that they find hard to cope with. For instance, they may start taking more of a prescribed medicine than necessary or taking a drug with alcohol. This abuse may eventually lead them to become addicted.

However, as people age, their bodies also change, and this includes their physical and mental health. Their tolerance to alcohol and other substances declines, and sicknesses or weakened conditions can cause their bodies to not be able to break down the substances. Addiction in senior citizens may also lead to other complications, such as increased memory loss, inability to take certain medicines, bigger risk of falling, and a slower metabolism.

Rehabilitation for the elderly is different from those for younger individuals; moreover, elderly women have needs unique from men of the same age. They need a substance abuse treatment program specifically designed to cater to their emotional, mental, physical, and medical requirements. Moreover, their treatment needs to be tailored individually, based on their background and family support system.

Where to Turn for Help

“Life itself is a process of growing and aging. Through the experience of age, we learn, grow, and prosper, becoming wiser, more adaptive, and better at handling an intricate network of relationships.”
― Joseph Rain

At New Creation Detox, we understand that elderly women have their own needs and require a special method of treatment. If you are in your golden years and are battling against alcohol or substance dependence, then we can help. We can discuss and personalize our elderly addiction treatment program for you.