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Why We Encourage You to Try Addiction Treatment Again

Why We Encourage You to Try Addiction Treatment Again

Recovering from addiction is a long-term commitment. It requires that you make many changes in your life, often including trying addiction treatment again. There are many reasons why the first trip to addiction treatment may not have worked for you. At New Creation Recovery, we understand addiction is a disease that is difficult to recover from and is a lifelong path of recovery. Therefore, we encourage you to try addiction treatment, even if it is not your first time. With individualized care and support at New Creation Recovery, you can take steps toward an addiction-free life. 

Why Addiction Is Challenging to Beat

Addiction is a chronic disease that is characterized by compulsive behaviors. When you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, your behaviors are geared toward the specific substance you are addicted to. Commonly, this means disregarding people and things in your life that were previously important to you. 

When you are struggling with addiction, the structures and functions in your brain change. These changes create a persistent need to continue to use a substance. In addition to the changes in the brain, addiction is related to a series of decisions or behavioral patterns. For example, you may have started using drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with stress, making substances a patterned reaction to stress in your life.

The combination of physical changes and patterns evolving around addiction makes it extremely difficult to recover from. As a result, relapse is common. If you have struggled with addiction on and off in your life, you are not alone. Even if you have undergone addiction treatment, trying addiction treatment again can help. 

Recovering From Life Long Addiction

The path of recovering from addiction is unique to each person. However, addiction treatment often includes a combination of detox and other addiction treatments. Detox is the process of stopping the use of a substance where your body adjusts to being with it. It is best to detox in an addiction treatment facility as certain symptoms can be dangerous. 

In addition to detox, effective addiction treatment involves therapy that helps you unwind the issues that are part of your challenges with addiction. At New Creation Recovery, this often involves family therapy, individual therapy, and holistic treatment modalities. These treat both addiction and any mental health challenges that you are facing. In addition, faith-based recovery is offered as a way to help support your path to healing. 

Trying Addiction Treatment Again

Undergoing addiction treatment a second time can feel like an uphill battle. If you have tried addiction treatment before and are still struggling, you may feel like you cannot recover. However, this is far from the truth. Trying addiction treatment again means that you are still fighting for your recovery. 

The first step to trying addiction treatment again is to admit that you are still struggling and need help. While this truth can be challenging to admit, it is very important in the process of healing. Once you have recognized your need for help, working with an addiction treatment center that suits your needs is vital.

Treatment for addiction at New Creation Recovery includes individualized care that is specially created to fit your needs. Therefore, while you may have had treatment before, you will receive treatment that is targeted to help you heal and give you the tools to recover from addiction. In addition, while relapse is not ideal, it is an experience that you can learn from. With support and care, you can take strides toward a life free from addiction. 

Benefits of Trying Addiction Treatment Again

Struggling with addiction derails your life in many ways. Addiction causes many issues in your personal life and your professional life, making it difficult to deal with challenges that arise daily. If you have gone to addiction treatment before, you may have felt your life change for the better. Trying addiction treatment again can help you turn your life around, finding happiness and an improved quality of life that can stick. 

As you go through different experiences, you learn about yourself in many different ways. There is a common stigma that relapse is a failure. However, relapse is often a part of recovering from addiction. While the goal of addiction is for you to recover long-term, this might take more than one try. Trying addiction treatment again means that you go into treatment with more knowledge of yourself. You can learn from your relapse and address the issues that may not have been effectively resolved in your first trip to treatment. 

Trying addiction treatment again can feel challenging. However, by going back to treatment, you can recover from addiction and learn skills to stay sober long-term. 

Addiction is a disease that impacts your mind, body, and spirit. At New Creation Recovery, we understand that relapse is not the end of the road. Therefore, we encourage you to try treatment again. Our individualized care plans help you resolve issues and build skills that support your recovery process both in treatment and after as you adjust to life in recovery. We can help you to get properly diagnosed for both addiction and mental health challenges you are facing. In addition, your treatment program will be specialized for you. If you are struggling with addiction and considering going back to addiction treatment, we can help. Call us today at (877) 868-5730 to learn more about our addiction treatment options.