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6 Reasons Christian Rehab Centers Work

Christian rehab centers work on a spiritual philosophy to tackle issues of addiction and faith of the patients.  The proponents of this approach believe that people turn to substance abuse in order to fill a void in their lives left by a lack of spirituality.  The school of thought behind this is that adding a higher power or God into the patient’s life will fill that void and help remove the dependency on alcohol and drugs.  This spiritual approach used by Christian rehab centers has also been propelled by Alcoholics Anonymous that involves elements of religion and prayer in its second step, which emphasizes the belief in a higher power to help in the recovery process.

Some of the reasons Christian rehab centers are so successful in their approach towards recovery include:

Gives patients something greater than themselves to believe in

Having faith in a higher power greater than yourself helps you to be able to put control back in the hands of your spiritual life and learn how to begin living for something greater than yourself.  This belief helps you to identify your selfish, self-destructive actions that you were unable to see in your addiction and begin to focus your efforts on doing good for others and yourself.  It also helps you to see that you are not alone in your recovery and that you can rely on God to help you through it.

Christ-focused approach to recovery

A Christ focused approach to recovery in these rehab centers consist of clinical, evidence-based treatments combined with the philosophies and teachings of scripture.  This approach has been proven to be empowering, as you are able to derive an added level of strength from God.  

Patients are able to feel God’s love, unconditional acceptance, and forgiveness, which help them to heal and forgive themselves.  They can then, in turn, extend that love to others.  In addition to this, the patients are provided with a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment to adjust to sobriety.  The Christian setting also takes them away from environments, family, and friends and eliminates the possibility that they will interfere with their recovery.  

Treatment of deeper issues

Christian rehab centers aim to treat more than the presenting addiction by having the patients introspectively look into their lives and find out what other issues may be present and work towards resolving them.  Whether they are issues with the family, emotional issues, life stresses, and conflicts or underlying trauma.  Christian centers can arrange for group sessions with loved ones or individual sessions that help you continuously work through whatever underlying issues may be present.

Restoration of one’s faith

Drug addiction more often than not disconnects you from your spiritual life.  Traditional recovery programs may treat your addiction but will be unable to repair this rift between you and your spirituality.  Individuals can learn how to restructure their life according to the teachings of Christ rather than their own personal desires.  Restoring this aspect of our lives will, in turn, produce more long-term results and give you a tuned sense of purpose as you are better equipped to maintain your sobriety.

Changes the outlook on life

Once one is open minded to the holistic therapies available in Christian rehabilitation their general demeanor and worldview is bound to change.  The Christian ideologies of selflessness, service to others, good health, forgiveness, acceptance, and repentance, seeking guidance and help through prayer will enable them to have a more positive outlook towards their own life and the lives of others around them.  You will be more conscious of your actions and the consequences it has on your immediate environment and this will change your thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

Providing fellowship and support

You will meet like-minded individuals at these Christian rehab centers that will offer you support during your stay in recovery.  After the process at your church, you will find the encouragement and energy to continue your sobriety, even through hard times.  
When you feel discouraged and about to succumb to relapse, you can find consolation and encouragement in scripture and have a family of support around you to guide you through the hard times and find accountability to your faith and purpose.

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