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7 Benefits of Working With a Life Coach

Drug intervention can be the answer when trying to overcome addiction seems like a seemingly unachievable prospect. Studies show that most addictions are facilitated by an underlying mental condition. Mental conditions like depression or simply distress caused by conflict within the family can lead to repetitive patterns of thought that are difficult for the addict to break on his own.

A life coach is a professional who works with you to keep you on track and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself after recovery. There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider hiring a life coach for a loved one who should join a men or women’s rehab center.

Provide Peer Support

Addicts often isolate themselves because they feel that no one understands what they are going through. Most life coaches have been to rehab before and therefore understand the challenge of overcoming addiction. Having a drug intervention to relate to the pain, sense of shame or regret that addict sometimes feel can be comforting.

Creating Stability for the individual

Addicts often come from unstable environments. Sometimes their addiction may have triggered conflicts within the family. At other times, it is the family that may be facilitating addiction by providing easy access to drugs or alcohol.  A life coach can bring people together and encourage addict and their families to have a session where they discuss the addiction and the impact it has had on their lives.

Family-based therapies have been proven to be effective in helping addicts go through recovery. A drug intervention can serve as the link between the addict and his family. He can encourage both parties to talk and iron out their issues and have the family visit the women’s treatment center.

Motivate and Provide Positive Support

A life coach is like a cheerleader who encourages you when you are down and compliments you when you overcome challenges. This positive support can be very useful especially for patients who had lost hope in their ability to overcome addiction. When you have a relapse your life coach will encourage you to get back on track. Some people assume a relapse is a sign of failure and therefore give up. However, a professional coach will shift your focus to getting better instead.

Provide Guidance

Going through rehabilitation can seem like an impossible task especially for those who have been struggling with addictions for years. Before making the decision to join a rehab program addicts often struggle with feelings of self-doubt.

A professional will help you through recovery providing guidance every step of the way. The things you learned through recovery may seem abstract and difficult to translate into your day-to-day life once you have left the women’s recovery center. A life coach can show you exactly how to apply these life skills in your day to day life.

Seek Professional Help

Since most life coaches have been through recovery, they can provide assistance in many different areas of life. If you need a lawyer, a psychiatrist or you need medical assistance the life coach can show you exactly where to find it. Your coach can also guide you on where to access vocational opportunities once you have left the rehabilitation center.


Having a coach is one of the best ways to be accountable to yourself as you make the commitment to live a more positive life. Using their life experiences and knowledge they can help you anticipate temptations and avoid them altogether. You are also less likely to allow yourself to fall into temptation when you have a life coach who knows the commitments you’ve made towards living a sober life.

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