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Choosing Jesus Over Your Addiction

April 11, 2016 - - 0 Comments

The dictionary definition of addiction is a dependence on a substance or activity that hinders a person’s life. More than 23 million people in the world have drug addictions, but millions more are addicted to things like gambling, pornography, relationships and the like. If you or someone you love has an addiction and cannot seem to kick it, then you may want to consider speaking with that person about making Jesus a priority.

The Christian Perspective on Addiction

The Christian perspective on addiction is one that makes the Lord Jesus not only the solution to the problem, but the reason that the person has the problem. The Christian perspective is a Biblical perspective that looks at all manner of sin, including addiction, as something that originates from the original sin. The concept in a nutshell is that the addicted person can seek recovery and strength in the arms of Jesus through repentance, acceptance and submission.

Thou Shalt Not Idolize

Addiction from a Christian perspective is idolatry. The belief is that the addicted person idolizes the substance to which he or she is addicted. That belief is very true. Even someone who looks at it from a secular perspective can see that the addicted person puts the addiction ahead of everything and everyone in his or her life. In Christian recovery, however, the addicted person must choose Jesus over the addiction. There simply is no room for both. Jesus can offer an infinite supply of peace and joy, but fear, confusion and bad past experiences often prevent people from coming to him.

How a Christian Rehabilitation Center Operates

The Christian rehabilitation center does not seek to force people to become Christians. However, such an establishment does revolve around Jesus. The new resident will most likely have Bible studies, church meetings and Christian counseling. The hope is that the addicted person will develop trust in the Lord and desire his assistance.

Find the Right Facility Today

If you are considering signing up for a Christian rehab center, then the agents can help you find just the right facility. They are trained and experienced in researching local rehab centers and their services. They can help you find a facility that has an excellent reputation and all the services that will make your loved one feel at home. Hope for recovery is available. You just have to believe that it is possible.

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