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Flakka: Dangerous Designer Drug

April 2, 2015 - - 0 Comments

A new crystal-like drug has emerged called Flakka. This designer drug is a synthetic amphetamine-like stimulant that is similar to the compound contained in the drug bath salts, also known as cathinones. Flakka (street name: gravel) is a crystalline rock form substance that can be swallowed, snorted, injected or vaped and it’s highly addictive. Since it can be vaped, public concealment is easy allowing one to use undetected…at school, at work, etc.

Once it’s in your system the effects are harder to conceal. It’s been in the news recently for the bizarre behavior it elicits causing people to act erratically, uncontrollably, and dangerously. Some of the most shocking examples appear like a psychotic break. A man running naked through the streets of Miami thinking he was being chased. A young man throwing a rock through a police station door because he was certain he was being attacked. One man even impaled himself trying to scale a fence running from his imagined pursuers.

Different than other designer drugs such as molly or ecstasy, Flakka causes an excited delirium, which can lead to hypothermia, psychosis and death. Other effects include severe anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations; delusions characterized by a surge of violence associated increased strength and loss of awareness of reality and surroundings.

Designer drugs are known as guinea pig drugs because one never knows what they are getting. They can be cut with heroin, meth amphetamine and other dangerous substances. Every dose is different. Mostly sold on line, these drugs are produced in China and typically enter the US through small time gangs. Suppliers get people hooked on the first try and the exchange becomes quite lucrative for the seller and quite deadly for the buyer. The Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition is launching a special website called in order to be an educational portal and encourage people to not be a guinea pig for these deadly substances.

It’s hard to imagine that someone would willingly put themselves through all of the insane hoops of procuring and using Flakka and suffering through all its consequences. Yet, when you are in the throes of addiction, it’s hard to differentiate what is right and wrong. And if you are far enough down the addictive path you may be to a point that you no longer care what happens, which also lessens discernment and critical thinking.

If you or someone you know have gotten to this point, please reach out to us. Help is a phone call away. We can guide you out of the prison of addiction and assist you in becoming free. Call today.

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