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Why Choose a Womens Treatment Center

Female only rehab is for those who want gender specific treatment. From an early age, we are taught that men and women are different.  It is not just a difference in terms of physical appearance; however men and women are different in terms of the way we think, the way we feel and the way we react to different situations.  Our differences can also be examined when it comes to how men and women react when it comes to drug addiction.

Women are more likely than men to develop a substance dependency as a result of some form of trauma that they suffered through at some point in their lives.  This is even the case when it comes to teenage substance abuse as well.  Aside from the trauma aspect of substance abuse when it comes to women, another fundamental difference to keep in mind when it comes to gender and drug addiction is biological makeup.  Women and men metabolize substances differently, especially alcohol.  In most cases, women have less body mass compared to men of similar size.  This would mean that a woman and man of similar size and mass could quite possibly consume the same amount of alcohol in a sitting, yet the female drinker would amass a higher concentration of alcohol in her blood compared to that of her male counterpart.

Now since we just learned that women and men differ in terms of reasons for developing substance dependency, and how substances can have adverse effects on men and women.  The next question to ask would be, if men and women are affected differently, wouldn’t it make sense if treatment for women and men were different also?  That is where women’s rehab centers enter the picture.  Female only rehab centers provide specifically concentrated women’s treatment programs to help address reasons for addiction and also various focused treatments.  When exploring the option of a women’s treatment center, you’ll be able to obtain information on women’s addiction treatments.

What Kind of Treatment Options Are Available at Female Only Rehab?

Women’s treatment centers are going to have similar treatment programs as regular treatment facilities.  Treatment programs such as drug and alcohol treatment, drug/alcohol/and sub-acute detox, as well dual diagnosis programs.  Aside from being able to closer identify problems with women patients, these treatment facilities also offer the comfort women might benefit from, in terms of housing and treating only women patients.  Women who might be coming from an abusive situation at home could potentially benefit and find relief in a women’s rehab center.

Another key element in women’s addiction treatment is family treatment programs.  One of these treatment programs includes family therapy.  Family therapy helps bring together the patient and members of their family to help address the problem.  This helps create a strong bond between members of the family and help assists them to come together and build a stronger connection.  One key aspect to this type of therapy is communication, not only among the patient and mediator but through all members of the patient’s family.

Whether it’s to provide services and treatment options that are tailored for women, finding a female only rehab might feel more comfortable in, or to help find a dual diagnosis treatment program, you should not hesitate to look up some of the women’s treatment centers available in your area.  These treatment facilities have the resources and tools needed to provide quality care of care needed to help any woman suffering from a mental disorder and/or a substance addiction, and they will be there to help you or someone you know all the way on their long road to a happy and healthier life.

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