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Does Jesus Love Drug Addicts

Drug addiction and Jesus through Christian rehab centers work on a spiritual philosophy to tackle issues of addiction and faith of the patients. 

If you are currently going through a drug addiction, you are probably feeling low and out of touch with your spirituality. There is not much that will be able to fix this from the outside; you must look inside of your faith and see exactly why you should still lift your head up.

Finding the Right Support System for Drug Addiction and Jesus

Although you will eventually find the answer to your spirituality and your relationship with God and addiction in a private way, it definitely helps to have people who are around you looking for the same thing. You can learn from each other’s mistakes and comfort each other during your darkest moments. It is the social aspect of drug rehab, the positive environment of creating fellowship with others, that helps to open up your own heart to the love of Jesus Christ.

How does Jesus feel about me if I am a drug addict?

There are some people who will misinterpret the Word of God to try to shame you into some sort of behavior. This is an old school rehab technique that has been rebuffed by virtually every medical professional on the planet. In order to truly heal yourself and get away from the sin of drugs for good, you need to understand that Jesus never stopped loving you. He did not stop loving you while you were taking drugs. He did not stop loving you when you succumbed to the temptation of the devil. If He is the One who loved you during these trials, then how much easier are you to love now that you are fighting for your life back?

It is truly just the drugs talking

When you feel depressed and far away from God, it is truly just the drugs doing the talking for you. This is exactly why drugs are so powerful – they affect your biology in a very physical way. They literally snap connections in your brain and form new ones. They will rearrange your thinking into a pattern that is negative for one reason and one reason only: That drug is trying to get you to need it. This is the only way that this demon can survive within you – if you are made to feel so weak that you cannot live without it.

You must look away from the words of the demon and toward the words of Christ when He brings you back into His fold. Was it not Christ that said that he rejoices over one lost sheep being found more than he rejoices over the 99 righteous sheep who stayed? Your Lord and Savior never left you, and it is up to you to realize this today.

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