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Faith and Recovery Go Hand-In-Hand

Recovery and faith can be the answer to drug addiction which is a disease that doesn’t discriminate who it affects.  However, neither does God.  Anyone is free to believe and rely on God for help and guidance through their recovery.  Christian based recovery programs believe that faith increases the likelihood of maintaining your sobriety and finding a happy, joyous and free life.  Christian drug rehab programs believe faith, prayer and a strong belief in a kind, loving and benevolent God are critical for recovery and real, long-lasting change.

History of recovery and faith in drug addiction treatment

The history of recovery and faith goes back to the work of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss Psychiatrist who founded analytical psychiatry.  He crafted the ideas of extraversion and introversion, psyche and self-concept that have become industry standards in psychology.  He also studied world religions and developed the idea that a person’s life is dependent on spiritual well-being.

What faith involves

For religious people, faith involves believing and trusting in God and in the doctrines taught in their religion.  A faith-based approach emphasizes the importance of these elements and incorporates them into the other traditional treatment plans and approaches.

There is a lot of evidence that proves that a faith-based approach towards recovery produces results, and long-term results at that.

Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step

The founders of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step recovery process were men of faith whose writings were greatly influenced by their faith.  This goes a long way in explaining Step 2, belief in a higher power.  Infusing Christian faith and recovery are not easy to do but its recovery is inherently a spiritual journey.  Christian recovery programs believe that God’s love, helpfulness, and gracefulness are helpful resources in the most difficult of struggles in our daily life.  Scripture is also a wise guide for the spiritual journey of recovery.

How faith helps in recovery

Faith helps in recovery in the instances that you are feeling isolated in your recovery journey and helps to remind you that you are not alone.  It also helps to develop a lasting relationship with God and encourage you to seek him out in your dark times.

Faith-based recovery believes in people and patients being work in progress.  No one is perfect and complete and this offers an atmosphere free of judgment where individuals have the chance to grow and develop and make changes towards becoming fully functioning members of the community.

Religion and spirituality have been found to not only aid in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse but also have huge potential to lower the risk of initial engagement in substance abuse in teenagers and adults.  People who have a strong spiritual foundation have been found to be better equipped to resist falling into drug use.  Religions that preach abstinence for alcohol or drug use have shown lower rates of substance abuse and dependence among people who believe in them.

Programs that incorporate faith-based approaches in their treatment have found that addicts in these programs are encouraged to make personal changes in their lives.  They exhibit newfound happiness and freedom, serenity, are less selfish and can handle almost any situation they are faced with.  These changes enable them to form a strong foundation essential to maintaining their sobriety long-term.
Combining cutting edge technology and traditional treatment plans in recovery with religion and faith-based treatment will ensure that recovering addicts are provided with the powerful resources that they need to get through and sustain their sobriety.  Faith and the power of God play a big part in alleviating suffering, encourage change and sustain the progress made by individuals in their recovery through Christian recovery programs.

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