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Why Faith and Recovery Are so Important

Recovery and God can be found at New Creation Treatment Centers. There are many alcohol and substance abuse programs tailored for people with different needs. Each treatment program has its own benefits so it is important to find one that addresses your specific needs. Here are some of the reasons why people choose faith-based programs.

Holistic Treatment

Our understanding of addiction today has changed a lot since early in the last century. Drug abuse help was, at the beginning, seen as a moral flaw or as a result of lack of self-control. Nowadays drug abuse is seen as an illness that changes the chemical composition of the brain.

A faith based system goes beyond treating the physical and psychological symptoms of substance abuse to holistic treatment. Addressing the spiritual aspects of it. A faith based system may, therefore, include meditation, yoga, prayer, references to the scripture, etc.

Renewed Sense of Purpose for Recovery and God

A faith based system allows an addict to start on a new slate with recovery and God. It gives them a renewed sense of purpose which is crucial during their recovery process. Religious faith provides followers with the opportunity to start over by seeking forgiveness from a higher power.

Seeking forgiveness from God can help an addict struggling with guilt to start the process of recovery and focus on getting better. Overcoming guilt and shame is important for addicts as it helps to break the cycle of alcohol and substance abuse.

Attitude Adjustment

Encourage addicts to adjust their attitude for recovery and God. Religious faiths like Christianity encourage followers to seek enlightenment through continuous self-improvement. It is important for the addict to see recovery as a continuous process rather than a fix.

Religious programs, therefore, encourage addicts to be patient throughout the recovery process. This is important in ensuring that addicts do not lose hope a few weeks or months after enrolling in the rehabilitation process. Christian alcohol rehab programs encourage patients to go through rehab one day at a time in order to overcome their alcohol and substance abuse problem.

Sense of Community for Recovery and God

In Christian alcohol rehab centers, a Christian can feel at home going through recovery with people who share the same religious beliefs. A community of people with the same convictions can empathize and show care at a level that resonates well with the addict.

Normally, addicts struggling with a serious addiction problem, feel isolated and often suffer alone. A faith-based program provides a social support system that is critical for people undergoing treatment for their addiction. It also helps an addict see that there are other like-minded people going through the same challenges and are therefore more likely to feel safe and commit themselves to getting better.

The sense of belonging that individuals feel when they join such groups help to increase cooperation within such social groups. Members of the group are more likely to make useful contributions which can be beneficial to all members of the group. On the other hand, a group of many different people with conflicting beliefs can slow down the process of providing peer support for the patient.

Additionally, faith-based programs also provide an opportunity for addicts to join fellowships and community programs. Recovering addicts can volunteer to talk to members of the community struggling with similar challenges.

Comfortable and Relaxed Environment

A rehab facility that is based on faith provides greater comfort especially to those with similar religious convictions. They can live in a facility where most people share the same worldview and many addicts can feel more relaxed in such an environment and are more likely to make connections and new friends. Faith-based programs are effective because they are designed to address different aspects of an individual, especially those that pertain to addiction.

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