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Faith and Rehab: 8 Myths about Religion and Addiction

Addiction and religion are not mutually exclusive as a lot of people turn to religion to cope with their addiction and Christian rehab centers try to engrave a deeper sense of faith to those who would like to get rid of their addiction.  This can be helpful especially if you want to start a new chapter in your life and become more involved in something that will take you away from constant cravings.

Recovering addicts also find that religion and spirituality can be helpful during the hard phases of the recovery process. It provides them with the strength and motivation to continue with an otherwise exhausting procedure. Here are some of the common myths and misconceptions about addiction and religion:

Myth 1: If you are a religious person, you will not suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate. It can happen to any person who has the predisposition to the problem. People of faith often have a moral compass which keeps them away from drugs. But this does not mean that you will not be a victim of addiction. Christian treatment centers incorporate religion into the drug treatment program so it can help you find ways to deal with the pressures involved with your addiction.

Addiction and Religion Myth 2: Addiction can be acquired through genetic predisposition.

It is not proven that your genes have to do with your addiction. There are children who grew up with parents who are addicts but did not acquire the problem.  Addiction has a lot to do with the environment you grew up with and your mindset as well. Personal experiences also play a crucial role in developing addiction along with the attitude and behavior you have.

Myth 3: Once you become an addict, it will a problem for life.

It is not true that once you become an addict, you have to deal with it for life. This notion puts a lot of mental and emotional burden for those who have recovered from their addiction. Most recovering addicts have to deal with the problem for a long time, but a lot of them have successfully rid of addiction. There are a lot of instances when short-term users have recovered from their drug and alcohol dependence and have led a normal and productive life.

Myth 4: Your faith will not help you recover.

Faith is something you can hold on to when you are in the midst of your recovery. Faith can be your ally when going through the hard phases of your recovery process. A firm belief that you will successfully pass through every obstacle is motivation enough to get you on the road to a life away from your addiction.

Addiction and Religion Myth 5: Being an addict means you are a bad person.

You have to remember that recovering addicts have been “bad” people who want to be “good”, much like a sick person who wants to get well. Addiction does not choose anyone and can happen to almost everyone regardless of their ethnicity, background, social status, gender, and age.

Myth 6: You don’t need faith in God to stay sober.

For one thing, religion can be a way to veer you away from the drug and alcohol dependence you have grown accustomed to. It takes your mind away from the constant craving that you might be experiencing and forces you to believe in your inner strengths.

Addiction and Religion  Myth 7: There is no connection between recovery from addiction and faith.

Getting in touch with your spiritual side and accepting the power that religion has can have a tremendous impact on your recovery. It has been seen to lower the possibilities of acquiring the problem in the first place amongst teens and your adults and can be combined with your treatment elements in Christian rehab centers. Faith and religion promote self-healing and discovery.

Myth 8: Recovery is an individual problem that does not need involvement of religion.

It is true that drug addiction is an individual problem, but this should not stop you from believing that there is a higher power you can cling on to when going through recovery process. You need to understand that your recovery will be much more effective with the help of others and with the help of God. Break the myths of addiction and religion and find freedom now.

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