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Faith and Recovery: How the Two Go Hand in Hand

Belief in recovery addresses one of the most popular myths surrounding alcohol addiction that the alcoholic can readily “get over” the condition by mere willpower. Numerous types of research on the matter have long debunked this claim as results all agree that addiction is a chronic brain disease. How can a person be cured of a brain disease by merely wanting to do so?

Most people who are dependent on alcohol have tried to quit at some point because they are also aware of the damage the addiction is causing their relationships, careers, and life in general but they have failed on their own. Even those who went through alcohol rehabs often fail to achieve long-term sobriety, especially if they rely solely on their own power. This is where Christian alcohol rehab centers tend to do much better than secular rehab facilities – the reliance on a Higher power much bigger than the person. Essentially, it stems from the belief in recovery that starts as an impossible feat to achieve something great (like complete recovery) if one does not have faith in a power much stronger than his own.

Why is Belief in Recovery Important to the Process?

Many studies on faith and recovery affirm the assertion that utilizing the power of religion and spirituality, like what Christian alcohol rehab facilities do, had positive effects on substance abuse treatment in general compared with secular therapy. Belief has been found to aid and advance the recovery process considering the following:

  • Belief provides the foundation needed for healing and recovery.

The various Christian teachings and principles help prepare the recovering addict to be more receptive and open to treatment. Moreover, they serve as a solid foundation to increase, if not completely guarantee, the success of treatment.

These principles include letting go of past hurts, asking for forgiveness, forgiving, every person is valuable and loved by God, a person is not defined by his mistakes but how much God loves him, and every day is another chance to do better, among others.

  • Belief teaches values that are essential in facilitating recovery.

Belief in the teachings and commandments of God significantly help recovering alcoholics to respond better in rehab. The values that are taught in Church provide the standard and model on how one should conduct himself. This means that when the patient seriously takes in and practices Christian values such as respect, dignity, self-control, discipline, patience, love, and trust, he is in a better position to recover faster and more meaningfully since the motivation is coming from within.

  • Faith-based treatment sees and considers the whole person.

In Christian rehab programs, the alcoholic is accepted in his entirety. The patient is not merely someone who is physically sick but one with psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs as well. With this paradigm, the focus of treatment is not merely on eliminating addiction but on healing the invisible wounds as well. This is the reason alcohol dependents who sought treatment in faith-based rehab centers come out as a new person, with new hopes, dreams, and a better appreciation of life.

  • Faith-based treatment approach supports long-term recovery.

The practice of belief in recovery and God requires one to meditate, to be completely aware of what is going on inside one’s being while at the same time being aware of what is happening in the surrounding. It also requires building a stronger relationship with God, who is the source of Higher power through constant prayer and introspection. These practices help the patient to have a better understanding of the value of being free from addiction and the true worth of one’s life.

It is important to note that while Christian alcohol rehab facilities rely heavily on faith-related factors like God, religion, and spirituality to treat alcohol addiction and prevent relapse, it does not completely depend on faith alone. Rather, it applies both spiritual and scientific approaches to help the alcohol dependent in his recovery journey and in achieving long-term abstinence. Ultimately, the faith-based treatment uses the best of both worlds to heal all facets of the person – mind, body, and soul.

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