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Healing From Trauma As a Woman

Healing From Trauma as a Woman

As a woman, you are at a high risk of experiencing trauma in your life. Women experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at a rate of two to three times more than men. This is in part due to the increased risk of sexual assault. However, regardless of the specifics of trauma, healing from trauma as a woman is important. Treatment at New Creation Recovery offers you a place to feel safe, comfortable, and supported. With help, you can take steps to heal from your past trauma, which can help you improve your mental health, physical health, and overall quality of life.  

Trauma is an event or multiple events that result in physical harm, emotional harm, or life-threatening harm. The events that can cause trauma for you as a woman are unique to your experience. However, traumatic events include abuse of different kinds, sudden death or illness, neglect, accidents, or bullying. 

Far-Reaching Impacts of Trauma

Trauma creates many complications in your life, including making it difficult to stay connected with loved ones, as well as making it a challenge to get through daily stressors that occur in your life. These far-reaching impacts of trauma are unique to each individual’s situation; however, if you have experienced trauma, you may recognize some of the effects of it. 

Trauma is related to many mental health challenges. These include PTSD, anxiety, and depression. When you first experience trauma, it is normal to feel a certain amount of anxiety, fear, or anger related to your experience. However, as time goes on, ideally, these emotions will settle. However, unfortunately, sometimes they do not. Trauma can create changes in the brain that impact your mental health. Additionally, unprocessed trauma often results in mental health issues.

Due to the negative emotions that are often felt with trauma – especially if they continue – you may find yourself seeking a way to dull these feelings. For many, drug use and alcohol are common methods of doing so. As a result, trauma and addiction are tightly connected. Many women entering addiction treatment have a history of trauma. If you are struggling with both addiction and trauma, it is important to address your trauma as part of your path to healing. 

Healing From Trauma

Experiencing trauma can change your life. You may be able to point to the specific trauma and see how it shifted your life in terms of direction, well-being, and health. Fortunately, you can heal from trauma. Many treatment methods can support your healing to help you address the trauma and set you on a path toward regaining your life. 


When you have experienced trauma, you create new pathways in the brain. These can be a result of compensating for feelings you have regarding trauma. They can also be simple physical changes that occur in the brain due to trauma. Neurofeedback is a treatment that can help by providing feedback to restabilize healthy pathways in the brain. Essentially, neurofeedback works by retraining the brain. It helps you to get unstuck from patterns that keep you in negative emotions due to trauma. 

Outdoor Therapy

Trauma often results in your nervous system being on overdrive. This can cause you to feel on edge all of the time. Stimulation, like sound or lights, can increase these feelings. However, through outdoor therapy, you can help your body to re-find calm. 

Outdoor therapy involves being outdoors. It can include activities like hiking, backpacking, or canoeing. The goal is to get you outside. By being outside, your body is supported in regaining its natural rhythm, helping you to improve your well-being.  

Talk Therapy

Many parts of healing from trauma include activities and methods of helping your body and brain to reset. However, processing your trauma is also important. Therefore, talk therapy is an important piece of healing from trauma. In talk therapy, you work with a counselor who guides you through processing your trauma. This will be unique to each individual’s situation. However, it may involve discussing your trauma and how it has impacted your life. 

Healing From Trauma at New Creation Recovery

When you have experienced trauma, it can feel like there is no way to come back into yourself and your life. However, you can take steps to make it back to where you want to be. Healing from trauma at New Creation Recovery is an individualized experience. You work with a care team that provides you with a safe space to heal. In addition, you have many tools at your disposal. These include different therapeutic modalities that can all be put together to provide you with ways of processing your trauma, making changes in your life, and ultimately regaining your life after experiencing trauma. 

If you have experienced trauma in your life as a woman, you are not alone. Trauma is extremely common, and the negative effects are found more in women. Fortunately, you can heal from both trauma and the negative impacts it has on your life, including addiction issues. At New Creation Recovery, we offer treatment that addresses trauma and all the complications that come with it. We can help you to heal from trauma while guiding you on a path to recovery from addiction. If you have experienced trauma and are struggling, we can help. Call us today at (877) 868-5730 to speak with a member of our team about our treatment services and how they can help you heal.