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How is Sub-Acute Detox Different From Detox?

How Is Sub-Acute Detox Different From Detox?

When you have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, your body becomes dependent on a substance. As a result, stopping the use of a drug or alcohol causes you to experience withdrawal symptoms. While these symptoms can be severe, not all of them are. If you need some help transitioning away from using a substance, without the need for hospitalization, sub-acute detox may be the right fit for you. Treatment at New Creation Recovery includes sub-acute detox as one option, as this helps you to have the right level of treatment to suit your unique needs in addiction treatment. 

The Basics of Detox

Your brain is a complex organ. There is constant communication between cells that cause communication between parts of the brain and between the brain and the body. These communications help your body regulate every aspect of your mental and physical health. One way that the brain communicates is through neurotransmitters, which travel from one cell to another to pass a message along. Drugs and alcohol interfere with these communications, as the structure of drugs and alcohol mirrors those of neurotransmitters.

This connection between the messengers in the brain and drugs and alcohol is the reason why you will feel a certain way due to drug and alcohol use. However, it is also why drugs and alcohol can cause such problems. When you continue to use drugs and alcohol over time, your brain and body get used to the substance in your system. As a result, your body adjusts, assuming that the substance will continue to be in your system. This process results in physical dependence on a substance. 

Unfortunately, this means that when you stop using a substance, there are consequences. While it is important to stop using a substance, it is also difficult to do. Detox is the process you go through when you stop using drugs or alcohol. When you go through detox, the withdrawal symptoms that you experience will vary. Your symptoms are a result of your individual makeup, the length of time you have used a substance, and the amount of substance you have been using. Symptoms of withdrawal can vary from simple symptoms such as sleep issues or headaches to seizures. 

How Sub-Acute Detox Differs

Your needs in detox will vary. Acute detox is the process that you may think of when you first think of drug or alcohol detox. It is necessary for individuals who have a significant physical dependence on a substance, and withdrawal symptoms are likely to be severe. In acute detox, individuals are offered a substantial amount of physical and mental support. This support helps to protect them from long-term harm that can occur in the brain and boxy during detox. 

However, sub-acute detox is different. Sub-acute detox does not include hospitalization. Instead, through sub-acute detox you are walked through the process of stopping the use of a drug or alcohol. Part of this process is learning to replace a substance with a healthier option. In addition, you learn other tools to manage cravings and other minor symptoms you experience. 

Sub-acute detox can occur in an inpatient setting. However, it can also be through an outpatient clinic. This means that in sub-acute detox you receive less hands-on support. While acute detox offers around-the-clock support, sub-acute detox provides you with guidance and support on the path to healing with more freedom in your daily life. 

When Sub-Acute Detox Is the Right Fit

Sub-acute detox is not the right fit for everyone. It is a type of support that is ideal if you want to be walked through the path to detoxing without needing the support that is offered in acute detox. This means that your physical and mental symptoms need to be mild enough that you can go through the process without the risk of harm to your mental or physical health. 

The best way to know if sub-acute detox is right for you is by speaking with a mental health and addiction professional. Staff members at New Creation Recovery can help you discern the right type of detox for you. When you find the right way to detox, you can take steps toward healing from addiction and rebuilding your life free from substance use. 

Healing at New Creation Recovery

Addiction is a disease that interacts with the brain, causing physical changes that change how you feel mentally and physically. Taking steps to heal is vital to regaining your life. Treatment at New Creation Recovery can help you heal. By offering both acute and sub-acute detox, you can find the right fit for you to stop using drugs or alcohol. Then, through treatment, you will take steps to heal every facet of your life. 

Addiction is a complex disease, and when you are struggling with addiction, the path to healing may seem uncertain. However, with the right support you can heal. At New Creation Recovery, we offer both sub-acute and acute detox, as we know that every person’s needs in treatment are unique. While acute detox offers hospitalization-level care, sub-acute detox is the process of detoxing when there are less severe symptoms. If you are uncertain which is the right fit for you, that is okay. Call us today at (877) 868-5730 to learn more about the options that we offer and speak to a staff member about carving out a path forward where you can heal from addiction and regain your life.