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What You Should Know About Christian Rehab Centers

Christian recovery helps when addiction has no boundaries.  Even faithful and dedicated Christians can fall to addiction.  Unfortunately, it is quite easy for a Christian to feel as though she has failed in faith or morality, but this should not be the case.  It may be hard to believe, but addiction is a disease that should be understood and cured using any means possible to help you get back to a healthy and happy Christian life.

The Principles of Christian Recovery Models

Addiction is an illness that affects the biopsychosocial of an individual leading to serious spiritual problems.  To be productive, Christian rehab centers need to re-examine their fundamental beliefs concerning addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Recent scientific research indicates that addiction is a multi-faceted problem that requires treatment from multidimensional treatment levels including inpatient vs outpatient.

Addiction is not a spiritual or moral illness.  Many people with the strongest religious internal construction become addicted.  It is only in the late stages of the disease does it become apparent that the patient is spiritually bankrupt, socially dysfunctional, psychologically impaired, and physically debilitated.  A spiritual approach to the problem is critical to deal with the underlying issues.  

Addressing the Spiritual Crisis and Other Needs of the Patient

True addiction often results in the loss of meaning and general purpose of life.  In many cases, serious addicts believe that they have no power over their actions and that no other power can help them overcome the crisis.  They find themselves alienated from God.  They may even lose their faith that God can aid them in the situation.  

Through religious or Christian recovery programs the skepticism is addressed via a call to embrace the spiritual approach in exchange for helping the patient meet his or her survival needs.  Privately, most people feel like they are being manipulated and exploited, and many will leave the program, usually to relapse. The hopes of most Christian recovery programs are to address the underlying skepticism and tone them down to levels that allow therapy to progress and incorporate 12 step program.

One of the methods used by Christian treatment centers is offering the addict a large dose of unconditional Christian love – without manipulation or expectations.  This is a welcome change for many addicts trying to get better.  

Prayer and Relaxation

That ability to consciously relax your body and mind is a critical skill in gaining self-control.  Self-awareness helps an individual become accustomed to the feelings that lead to destructive behavior.  Through breathing exercises and prayer, one can confront her discomfort instead of running from it.  Those uncomfortable feelings that lead to mental self-talk are addressed directly, without patients spinning into disarray.

Mediation requires reflecting upon yourself as a spiritual being and your relationship with God.  Once you have achieved this meditative state, prayer is now possible.  The prayer process requires putting yourself in an active dialogue with God.  It involves prayer – where you mentally review the critical issues in your life and ask for God’s help in opening up your heart and mind, as well as to help you see how to handle the situations.  

Such efforts in establishing a non-controlling level of awareness of what is going on around you can be the tool that frees you from the grip of the sensations that have previously held you in limbo.  At Christian rehab centers, addiction patients find the help they require to recover from the vice.  Caring counselors understand the importance of faith and work hard to offer you a Christian-based recovery process that you deserve for improvement in a stable and peaceful environment.  

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