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Living a Guilt-Free Life

Living guilt-free life is one of the most difficult things for someone dealing with addiction. Guilt is all-encompassing, all controlling, and all destructive. Addiction is the essence of guilt. It keeps telling the addict he is never good enough, never deserving enough, never strong enough. Guilt drives people further into their addiction and takes away their hope.

God’s love, on the other hand, is the antidote for guilt. God certainly knows our sin and the times we’ve messed up. He hates our sin, and it grieves him to watch us continually disrespect him, disobey him, and destroy our lives through drug addiction. God is a loving God, however, and despite our sin and shortfalls, He calls us by name. He wants a relationship with us. He wants us to trust him like a child trusts his father.

God does not call you by your sin as the devil does. God saved you from your sin, shame, and guilt, at his own Son’s expense. He is not ashamed to acknowledge you as his child, even though you have turned your back on him time and again.

God knows your name, and he calls you by name. Faith-based treatment is the best place to hear God calling your name and living guilt-free life. Through Bible study, fellowship with other believers, and prayer and meditation, you can more clearly hear what God is saying to you. Know that God wants you to overcome addiction, and he will give you the strength to do just that. Keep your eyes on your heavenly Father, and trust him to work in your life.

There is hope for addiction recovery. Don’t let the devil place labels on you that drag you down. Don’t let your guilt direct your path. Instead, hear the forgiving words of God, and let him help you with your recovery and living guilt-free life.