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Maintaining Sobriety through Faith

Sobriety through faith is important since it is very common for an alcoholic to have lost their faith in God in their disease. Some alcoholics were never spiritual before succumbing to the disease, but faith can be a strong tool to assist in recovery for the Christian who has suffered the effects of alcoholism. The fact of the matter is, faith is a part of many treatment plan options, which makes Christian rehab centers especially effective for long-term recovery. For obvious reasons spirituality can’t be forced upon anyone, but the alcoholic who already has a relationship with Jesus, or wants one, is already a step ahead in the quest for extended long term recovery.

Sobriety Through Faith After Addiction

Addiction does, by its very nature, leave a person empty of faith and spirituality as it robs the afflicted of proper moral judgment and their ability to recognize God’s beauty in daily life. A Christian recovery center recognizes such a fact and not only allows but promotes the ability of the patient to recognize their spirituality and incorporate it as part of the larger plan which includes sobriety. Sobriety helps the patient find spiritual understanding, and the spiritual faith, in turn, promotes sobriety, they feed each other and lead to a lasting substantial sense of oneself.

Understanding Personal Responsibility

Faith offers hope and assistance toward a successful recovery, but it does not replace personal responsibility. Faith and belief are strong motivations toward continued sobriety but do serve alone as the only plan toward remaining on the wagon. At some point, the addict has to recognize it takes hard determination and a daily effort to remain sober. Toward that effort, the addict will find help and support through loved ones and family members, other addicts, and the treatment center staff. Those tools are in fact provided by the will of Jesus who has never given anyone a challenge they aren’t capable of handling, never caused a problem which doesn’t have a solution, and has equally well provided the resources an addict needs to maintain long-term sustained recovery.

Balancing God’s Role in Recovery with Physical Needs of the Addiction

One aspect of recovery which is taught in Christian rehab centers is that just because Jesus can do anything doesn’t mean He will do everything. There are physical symptoms associated with alcohol detox and withdrawals. To some extent the symptoms can be mitigated with the use of medications, but to some degree the alcoholic is going to suffer the pain which comes with stopping drinking.

Recognizing Good Works

Although detox can be painful, that isn’t the end of the story. At some point, the addict in a faith-based recovery program is going to see a bright light and realize the extent of God’s love which brought about the wondrous gift of sobriety and the ability to appreciate just how far the daily beauty of life as expressed through each of God’s children is available and intended to be appreciated. Recovery is not guaranteed at this point, but it’s as good of a place as any addict can ever hope to be as they continue to plan extended sobriety.

Seeing God’s Love in Long-Term Sobriety

The extended, long-term recovery is what shows the addict and the people around them just how far God’s grace can extend. Although faith may have been lost for awhile during addiction, once found it shows itself in the actions and demeanor of the person who has found sobriety through a Christian based recovery plan. Not only will the addict’s family see the difference, but co-workers, a boss, neighbors, and even the grocery store cashier will recognize a different gait and an air of positive awareness of the world when viewed from a sober perspective.

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