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Learn the Impact Nutrition Has on Detox for Women

Nutrition and drug detox go hand in hand through recovery. One of the most commonly abused legal substances in the United States is alcohol.  Women as well as men face alcoholism and must detox in order to remove the substance fully from the body.  Alcohol detox for women can be difficult.  Many health problems are associated with the regular consumption of alcohol as well as with alcohol abuse.  It is important to note that Christian detox centers offer programs that help with detox for women when it comes to alcohol, including nutrition assistance, as eating has an effect on the body and the process of detox.  

Health risks of the body are related to the amount of alcohol that is consumed by the individual as well as how long the drinking of alcohol has taken place.  Each individual is sensitive in their own way and will have particular nutritional imbalances based on their drinking habits. Problems that result from alcohol abuse are also connected to allergies, factors of lifestyle as well as any supplements taken during drinking.  High risk to health is connected to having five or more drinks a day while three to five drinks are considered moderate risk and one to two drinks a day is considered low risk.  

Health Issues Associated with Excessive Alcohol Consumption

There are several health issues that can occur with the excessive use of alcohol.  The health issues that an individual faces will be based on a number of factors.  Such health problems that can occur include:

  • Drunkenness—mental functions slow, dizziness occurs, loss of memory, uncoordinated, poor judgment
  • Liver disease
  • Stomach disease
  • Disorders of the nervous system
  • Obesity
  • Impotence or low sexual drive
  • Birth defects in pregnant women
  • Heart disease

Dealing with Withdrawal Symptoms

Detox for women will see patients go through symptoms of withdrawal.  Alcohol is a physically addicting substance.  During detox, you may feel physical effects such as tremors, nausea, vomiting, headaches, sweating, confusion, nightmares and high blood pressure.  You can also feel mental effects of the alcohol leaving your system including anxiety, becoming irritable and depression.  Christian detox centers can provide you with the essential tools to complete detox in a safe and secure environment, with health professionals to monitor progress.  

Nutrition and Drug Detox

Nutrition and drug detox go hand in hand with several options individuals can use to help the detoxification process via a nutritional diet.  Dietary supplements, as well as particular food items, can help the process of detoxing to run smoothly.  It is best to start with hydration.  Alcohol can severely dehydrate the body.  With water, you will be able to rehydrate and help the body remove any toxins from alcohol.  Hydration can be done with water, juice, broth and gelatin.

Along with the light liquids, light proteins can also be helpful.  Add in non-fatty chicken, fish or soup with chicken to provide nourishment to the body without overly feeding the body.  Additional nutrients will also be needed as such minerals as zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron are lost as the body ingests major amounts of alcohol.  Vitamin C and Fiber are also good for the body during detox as it helps to bind toxins and see the problems from alcohol removed from the body.  

Health professionals know the right mix of liquids and foods plus nutrients and supplements to provide the body with the nutrition needed for a successful detox.  When considering a detox from alcohol, be sure to work with a professional rehab center to ensure your detox will be completed in a safe environment, while you are surrounded by professionals who can help you with the physical and mental issues that can arise during treatment.  

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