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The 10 Commandments of Christian Recovery

10 commandments of Christian Recovery can help give you guidance for your recovery from an addiction. You might be wondering about the rehab center’s mentality and what it adopts as a set of guidelines. Many Christian rehabilitation programs use a variation of the Lord’s original 10 commandments in a way that they would apply to faith-based addiction recovery.

  1. Put God First in Your Life

The number one commandment in a Christian facility would be very similar to God’s first commandment, which is to love Him first. In loving Christ first, Christians develop the ability to love themselves and others.

  1. Do Not Create Any Graven Images

The second commandment may pertain to creating the images in alternative therapy sessions such as pottery sessions. The commandment means that no person should make little carvings or images of idols or false gods and worship them.

  1. Do Not Use the Lord’s Name in Vain

Most Christian rehabilitation centers do not allow the use of the Lord’ name in vain. Such facilities do not allow profanity either. These two rules help the participants to enjoy a clean and serene recovery time.

  1. Remember the Sabbath Day

The Lord has a special day that he wants his followers to embrace and remember. Participants learn about that day in the program.

  1. Honor Your Parents

The Christian rehab center will teach the participants not just to love and honor their parents, but to love and honor all people.

  1. Do Not Harm Anyone in the Program

The rehab center is a place for safe and secure recovery. Violence will not be tolerated in the facility.

  1. Avoid Unholy Relationships

True Christian recovery is anti-sin, as sin keeps addicted persons in bondage. Such a facility will not allow unholy relationships and activities to occur on the grounds.

  1. Do Not Steal from Others

A Christian recovery center will teach a person not to steal from other members or from anyone else for that matter.

  1. Do Not Lie About Other People

Bearing a false witness about someone is one of the nastiest things a person can do. The Christian facility will not condone it.

  1. Do Not Covet Your Neighbor’s Life

Every person has special talents, possessions, gifts and the like. The facility will teach its residents not to become jealous over someone else’s fortune or goods.

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