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Detoxing at Home or at New Creation Treatment Centers

Detoxing at home is usually not a good idea. Detoxing, also known as withdrawal management, is an important approach to sobriety. Whether you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, detoxing is still usually the first step towards your recovery. It involves cessation of the substance and managing withdrawal symptoms. However, it’s far from that easy.

As you can guess, depriving your body of the substances it has become addicted to will not be pretty. Your body and sometimes your mind will be in extreme distress, causing you very painful symptoms. By withdrawing alone, you’re missing out on detox medications that a women’s detox center can offer to help ease the discomfort. You’re also putting your life at risk detoxing at home since it can sometimes be fatal depending on amount of alcohol or type of substances.

If you’re thinking of taking the first steps to get help, contact a rehab facility that offers detox for women. You can be supervised as you withdrawal, which should make dealing with these five symptoms more manageable.

  1. Depression/anxiety — Withdrawing from both drugs and alcohol can cause some mood changes, most often depression. If you are detoxing from drugs, you may notice you’re more moody and anxious. Anxiety may sprout from nowhere and prevent you from functioning. Depression can make you feel hopeless about your sobriety, making you want to use again. That’s another great reason to detox at a rehab facility instead of at home.
  2. Tremors/spasms/seizures — As your body becomes more deprived of drugs or alcohol, you may experience spasms and tremors. These may be mild in most cases and may be treatable with professionally-administered medication. However, in severe cases, spasms could worsen into seizures, which can be fatal in some instances. Withdrawing from alcohol may be more likely to cause seizures, but not always.
  3. Insomnia/restlessness — During withdrawal, especially withdrawal from drugs, expect some long, sleepless nights. You might feel restless like you just can’t get comfortable and relax. When you try to fall asleep, you can’t. This can go on for days, and again, as these symptoms get more unbearable, you’ll feel a stronger urge to use. Professionals at a rehab facility can help through the discomfort.
  4. Nausea/diarrhea/vomiting — Your stomach is also going to go through hell as you detox. You will likely experience nausea, even if you’re not eating and drinking at that moment. You may have more diarrhea and you may vomit more. These symptoms aren’t necessarily life-threatening, but they are a major inconvenience. Again, medication issued by a professional can ease your stomach troubles.
  5. Heart palpitations/tremors — Your heart may also be affected as you quit using a substance, especially alcohol. You may notice that it feels like your heart is skipping a beat. It may feel like your heart is always going twice as harder and faster than it should. This is normal. However, if heart tremors become heart palpitations, you need to contact emergency medical services immediately. Heart attacks are also not unheard of when withdrawing, so be aware of that. This is when detoxing can become deadly.

Are you still thinking of detoxing alone? Don’t risk it. It’s better to withdrawal from drugs and alcohol under the supervision of a medical professional (and sometimes even mental health professionals, too). If you’re trying to get clean and sober, it’s because you value your life. Don’t throw your life away by detoxing by yourself at home when you can do it at a rehab facility. You’ll get the support and medication you need to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

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