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Top 5 Christian Approaches to Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Women

Christian dual diagnosis treatment centers treat women struggling with a substance addiction and a mental disorder.  Addictions to alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medications can negatively impact a woman’s mental health.  Those suffering from personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depression or schizophrenia are twice as likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. Frequent combination are antidepressants and alcohol.  The National Library of Medicine says some users start alcohol and drug abuse because they offer relief from their symptoms; others suffer mental issues due to their addiction.

As you begin your search for dual diagnosis treatment centers near me for women you will find that doctors usually recommend a suite of treatments.  Doctors will look at the circumstances surrounding the addiction to determine what should be treated first.  A physician may suggest treating the mental disorder first for one patient, while another patient may receive treatment for the addiction first.  The treatment offered depends on what came first – the mental condition or the addiction – either way, a comprehensive treatment plan should be set up to adequately address a patient’s’ needs while reducing chances of a relapse.

Christian dual diagnosis treatment centers for women provide a spiritually nurturing environment that place the Christian faith at the center of their recovery.  The top five Christian approaches to dual diagnosis treatment are listed below.

Pastoral Counseling

Christian residential treatment offered to women and girls in dual diagnosis treatment centers deepen their knowledge and understanding of Christ while building a relationship with Him through pastoral counseling.  Through the partnership with Christian counselors, the treatment staff members arrange for sessions with outpatient Christian treatment providers for Biblical and Pastoral counseling.  This gives women the opportunity to continue with their Christian treatment as part of the addiction treatment.

Informal Christian Groups

A community will form among women during the treatment process, regardless of whether they are suffering from eating or mood disorders, PTSD or trauma, alcohol or drugs.  Staff members and residents contribute to the Christian community, helping women keep faith the center of their treatment and recovery efforts.  The private or informal conversations inspire communal prayer led by Bible studies, devotional groups or residents.  Such a Christian fellowship is a constant reminder that Christian women do need each other both spiritual and emotional growth, as well as a closer relationship with God.

Through Awakenings

In dual diagnosis treatment for women, awakenings are in integral part of expressive therapy programs.  The awakenings help residents discover beyond themselves and connect with the heavenly father.  Hands-on activities are implemented to assist wounded women and girls submit to God their feelings of rage, anger, guilt, inadequacy or shame.  Through art, residents have a nonverbal vehicle to demonstrate their adoration for the Lord, and worship, music, and song enable them to feel the Holy Spirit’s presence and God’s love.

Individualized Treatment at Christian Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Christian dual diagnosis treatment helps women in faith overcome the spiritual and emotional obstacles preventing them from experiencing the full extent of God’s purpose and plan for their lives.  Christian women seeking to enrich their treatment via faith-based or Biblical emphasis can request to have a Christian therapist as part of their treatment team. The therapists are full-time, licensed individuals with clinical training that includes biblically based counseling.


The sojourn helps Christian residents share their personal experiences, and receive encouragement and insights from others.  This is a non-judgmental and safe environment where women can talk about their belief, or lack of, in God through their lives.  Some questions like where God was during an abuse or if God could ever forgive their actions are respected and addressed.

It is also critical that you learn more about dual diagnosis residential treatment for women which is a component for Christian-based treatment programs for women, girls or teens dealing with binge eating, bulimia, addiction, a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.

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