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We Raised our Son Christian. How Did He Become Addicted to Drugs?

Drug addiction and Christianity are in conflict since addiction is one of the most prevalent problems in the world today. It has single-handedly affected the lives of more than 23 million people in the world. Drug addiction knows no gender, race, political parties or religious affiliations. It only knows to seek destruction. A parent of a person who is suffering from a drug addiction may wonder how such a horrible thing occurred despite the parent’s attempt to “raise the child Christian.” The following three statements address that concern:

  1. Temptation and Trials Still Come

Many religious persons mistakenly believe that their children will live perfect lives because they:

  • Go to a Christian school
  • Go to church
  • Have Bible study

While those activities are wonderful elements that do come along with the Christian lifestyle, the activities themselves do not prevent temptation or trials from coming. It is possible for a person to grow up as an intellectual Christian and still not understand spiritual matters or the act of trusting in Christ to ward off temptation.

  1. Belief Systems Are not What Destroy the Sin Nature

Following the moral code of Christianity is not a bad thing by any means. However, the strict moral code and the religious system are not the elements that destroy the sin nature. Submitting to Christ is what destroys the sin nature.

  1. People Still Make Their Own Choices

A parent can give all of his or her children “Christian” upbringings and still see some of them fall into sins and temptations such as drug and alcohol abuse. People still make their own choices when temptations come their way. A parent should never feel as if he or she is a failure because of the child’s choices. When it comes to drug addiction and Christianity all parents can do is introduce their children to the Lord and teach them His ways. They cannot force them to cleave unto the Lord for protection.

How to Support Drug Addiction and Christianity in Recovery

The best way that a parent can help a child who is suffering with drug addiction is to assure the child that the parent and the Lord love the child. Furthermore, the parent can seek a referral to a Christian rehabilitation center so that the child can have the support of some like-minded people.

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