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What a Christian Rehab Center Can Offer that Other Programs Can’t

What Christian rehabs offer that the others don’t is obvious. There are many drug and alcohol rehab programs available, but for the Christian, none will offer the full recovery and hope that a Christian rehab center can.

A Christian treatment program has many benefits. A faith-based approach to recovery rebuilds lives after the damage caused by addiction. While most rehab programs heal the physical and psychological aspects of a person’s life, a Christian program will also provide spiritual healing. This is so important because it helps the addict cope with the guilt, shame, and feelings of inadequacy that are the result of their past. This type of program offers holistic healing that other programs can’t.

We learn in the Bible that we are sinful human beings, but we also learn that God loves us and wants to have a relationship with us. Through our Savior, Jesus Christ, God forgives our sins and shortcomings, he rights our wrongs, and he forgets the bad things of our past. What Christian rehabs offer emphasizes those truths we read in the Bible, and help addicts apply them to their own lives. God promises to be with us and help us, and even provide us with the strength and power needed to overcome the temptations and triggers to go back to the old lifestyle.

A Christian rehab center is not just for people who have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. People of all religious backgrounds can benefit from faith-based rehab. Christian rehab combines the benefits of clinically-proven therapies and counseling with the real-life application of the truths found in scripture. Most importantly, Christian-based rehab offers the promise that no matter how difficult things get in this life, those who trust in God have the hope of eternal life with him, free from all trouble.