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What Christians Should Be Doing to Help Drug Addicts

Christians helping drug addicts means understanding the seriousness of an addiction and how devastating the effects can be. You may have watched a friend or family member suffer, and your own experience has impacted you deeply. Now, another loved one is being torn apart by the ravages of addiction. You want to step up and help but aren’t sure what to do. Here are a few steps that you can take as Christians helping drug addicts.


Before you do anything else, we recommend that you pray for your friend and pray for God’s wisdom on how to best help. As you pray, believe that God will open his or her heart to receive the counsel and encouragement that you want to offer. Ask for wisdom to speak the right words to your friend. By praying ahead of time and during this process, you are preparing the way for God to intervene on their behalf.

Christians Helping Drug Addicts Offer Support

Once you have spent some time praying, offer your support. Take your friend out for a cup of coffee or invite him or her over for a meal. While you might want to pull away or remain uninvolved, the loving thing is to take the extra time necessary that your friend needs during this season. We often forget that one of the key aspects of providing support is listening. You don’t want to become a dumping ground for your friend, but you can take the time to listen to his or her story and feelings. Christians helping drug addicts means your kindness might be part of the key that unlocks and opens the door to their freedom.

Bible Study

The power of the Bible can be one more aspect to overcoming addiction including meth recovery. You might not feel equipped to lead a Bible Study for your friend, but maybe you can attend one together. Suggest a verse or two to encourage him or her in their journey. You can use one from the following list or look for your own:

  • Romans 12: 1, 2
  • Isaiah 40: 31
  • Philippians 4: 13 and
  • Psalm 27

Christians Helping Drug Addicts – Seek Help Today!

While fellow Christians have wonderful intentions and can provide you with support and encouragement, they are not experts. In some cases, the person might need to ask for professional drug addiction treatment from a program that understands their struggles. Call for help today 877-868-5730