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Why A Christian Drug Treatment Center is Better

Why Christian drug treatment is better with dealing with one of the hardest afflictions for you and your loved ones to bear. Although addiction is a disease, unlike many other forms of illness, it doesn’t just harm people’s bodies, but also saps the very willpower that people need to help them on the path to recovery. Although many different types of treatment can help addicts and their families, a Christian treatment center offers faith-based recovery that can help addicts reaffirm their faith on the road to recovery.

Do You Need Treatment?

Addiction is insidious. In today’s permissive society, it’s not always easy to tell what is acceptable social use of alcohol or drugs and what is a dangerous addiction. Some specific symptoms or behaviors which are key indicators that you or a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol are using a drug or alcohol every day; feeling you cannot get through a day without a specific substance; rearranging your schedule and activities around access to the substance; going into debt or borrowing money to buy the substance; or becoming socially isolated and neglecting work, school, family or church due to your cravings for or use of the substance.

What is Involved in Treatment

Addictions are chronic diseases and cannot be cured with a single visit to a doctor. Instead, controlling addictions is a lifelong task. The first step on the road to treatment is often an intervention, when friends and family, aided by a trained professional, help convince the addict to get help. The next stage is physical detoxification under close supervision of medical professionals at an adult rehabilitation center. During this stage, treatment professionals help the addict through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, and help heal the physical damage these substances have done to the addict’s body. This stage is often handled on an inpatient basis, due to the physical stresses of the withdrawal and detoxification process.

Why Christian Drug Treatment is Better at Rebuilding a Substance-Free Life

The hardest part of addiction treatment is recovery, which is a lifelong process. The addict needs to rebuild relationships with friends and family which may have been damaged by addictive behaviors. Christian treatment centers integrate faith-based counseling with other treatment modalities, helping the addict reconcile with God, family, and neighbor, surrounded by a supportive Christian community. Abstinence is preferred but even suboxone detox is utilized when necessary. When addicts and their families begin to feel overwhelmed by the power of drugs and alcohol to destroy their lives, in Christian treatment programs they are encouraged to rely on the far greater power of God to fight the evils of substance abuse, assured that they are never alone in fighting their addictions.

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