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Why Faith Based Addiction Treatment Has Better Outcomes

Faith based addiction treatment often has better treatment outcomes than secular or “regular” treatment. You may be considering a faith based treatment center because of that information. It is perfectly normal for you to want to provide yourself or your loved one with the highest level of help for drug and alcohol addiction. The reasons that some faith farm treatment has better treatment outcomes than regular treatment has are as follows:

Faith Based Addiction Treatment Goes Deep

One reason that faith based treatment has a high positive outcome level is that the treatment goes deep. Faith based treatment reaches into the core parts of the person instead of barely touching the surface. Faith based treatment seeks to mend the spiritual damages and restore the relationship between the addicted person and the Creator. A mended relationship with the Creator can last forever.

Addicted Persons Learn About Unconditional Love

Faith based treatment programs have a high focus on the Bible Scriptures. Such programs sometimes offer church services and Bible studies. The addicted persons get know the Creator’s character by hearing and reading the Scriptures. They also learn how much the Creator loves them.

Addicted Persons Learn to Love Themselves

One of the biggest problems and symptoms of addiction is low self-esteem. They feel guilty because of their addictions. They feel defective because they struggled with addiction and failed. Some of them do not feel as if anyone loves them because of some of the things they might have done. The Bible teaches addicted persons to “put on” a new man or woman, which is the righteousness of Christ. The Bible teaches such persons about forgiveness. In detox facilities clients learn that their Creator forgives them, and then they learn to forgive themselves. Self-love eventually develops although it may take some people longer than others to start caring about themselves.

Faith Based Addiction Treatment Gives Hope

The people who have successful recoveries in faith based centers have hope. They hope for a bright future and a better tomorrow. They hope for a joyful eternity. Drug detox is only the first step in living the rest of your life free from the chains of addiction.

Allow Our Agents to Help

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