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What to Expect From Your Medical Evaluation

February 9, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Medical EvaluationSubstance abuse is a serious condition that can tremendously affect your life. It can lead to all sorts of dilemmas such as legal complications and constant disputes with authorities, financial problems, and more importantly, health problems. When you or your loved one suffers from a long-term addiction, it can sabotage personal relationships as well as your body. This is the reason why you need to undergo a medical evaluation for your drug treatment.

Medical evaluation determines a whole lot of things that envelops your substance addiction. It tries to discover the type of substance that you have grown addicted to, the extent of your addiction, and the damages your body has acquired from your substance abuse. More importantly, the results will be used for monitoring your treatment and the recovery process.

What is a medical evaluation?

Anyone who is going through recovery understands the need for a medical evaluation prior to being admitted in Christian recovery centers. One of the main reasons why you would have to undergo such evaluation is to uncover any underlying physical problems that have developed with your addiction. Such assessment is an important component of your treatment program because it provides medical professionals with the needed steps that will work with your condition.

Additionally, having a medical evaluation prior to your admittance to Christian rehab centers can also ensure that your overall wellness will be taken cared of during the recovery process. This eliminates the possibility of having major relapses that can prohibit the effectivity of the treatment program.

Generally, the process is carried out by a certified or licensed physician who specializes in substance addiction. The assessment not only uncovers underlying physical problems but can be helpful in determining the appropriate level of care that will be enforced during the treatment process or intervention.

What you have to expect from your medical evaluation

Your medical evaluation includes a series of laboratory tests such as blood, urine, and other forms of diagnostic tests to determine important aspects of your addiction. Your medical evaluation can also include assessments done not just by a certified psychiatrist, but also by psychologists and a licensed drug and alcohol counselor.

In addition to treating any emergency problem that lies alongside your addiction, the goal for having a medical evaluation also includes confirmation of drug use through testing, history, and examination, assessing the degree of your addiction, identifying co-occurring mental health problems, and assessing risk behaviors among others.

You will undergo drug testing where professionals will take samples of your bodily fluids. Screening tests will be done first which are quick and easy. Negative results typically can be accepted while a positive result needs to undergo confirmation through a confirmatory test.

Drug testing is oftentimes done through samples taken from the urine, fingernails, blood, or hair. While most of them are non-invasive procedures, they can be randomly done considering certain conditions. Depending on the recurrence of use, either of those techniques can be done.

A urine test is mostly done when you have been exposed to unwanted substances over recent days, oral fluid testing can be done if you have had very recent exposure to drugs which is more likely to be within 24-48 hours, or hair testing if you have been exposed for over the past few months.

Confirmatory tests commonly use laboratory techniques which detect certain substances in your body. They are needed to identify the class of drugs that is present in your bodily fluids. Confirmatory tests are often needed to support the presence of a drug in your body. It is also sometimes seen as the most accurate evaluation for drug testing.

Medical evaluation is an important primary procedure you need to undergo before being admitted to Christian rehab centers. It provides important details that will be used in your treatment program.

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